CVR Life Sciences Lab
CVR Life Sciences Lab
CVR Life Sciences Lab


With a team that comprises of leading scientists who are aided by the most experienced and qualified chemists, our R&D is well-equipped with the infrastructure to support advanced research and innovation. We believe that R&D is the foundation for a harmonious growth at any pharma company; so research will always be at the heart of it.

  • Focus on yield Improvement with reduced number of Stages

  • Route Scouting for generic API to global market

  • Provide Generic API to global market with cost effective & high quality standard

  • Implementing new technology to generic API

  • Approach towards NCE-1 molecule

  • Routes are Selected based upon selective principle

  • QbD (Quality by Design)

  • Selection of a sustainable synthetic route is generally done based on SELECT principles.SELECT is an acronym for Safety, Environment, Legal, Economics, Control and Throughput.

  • Multistep Synthesis

  • Alkylations

  • Asymmetric Synthesis

  • Grignard

  • Wittig reactions

  • Metallations (Suzuki, Barluenga reactions etc.,)

  • Enzymatic Resolutions

  • Halogenations (Br, Cl, POCl3, PCl3, PCl5)

  • Amidations

  • Chiral Alkylations

  • Organoborane

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