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Intermediate manufacturers in India

CVR Life Sciences is a leading intermediate manufacturers in India with a long history of manufacturing high-efficacy intermediates for various ailments. Our know-how and integrated capabilities allow us to respond to the specific needs of medical institutions across the country. Intermediates refer to substances which are having medicinal properties and are required for the manufacture of the finished dosage form. These components are found naturally and can also be manufactured synthetically. They have specific properties and therapeutic actions which are used as raw materials by pharma companies in the preparation of tablets, capsules, syrup, etc.

CVR Life Sciences is an intermediate drug manufacturer that has developed a novel process for manufacturing high-quality intermediates for a very compelling price. Established in 2010, our goal as a top intermediate manufacturers is not only to gain a foothold in the market but provide our expertise to all those who need it for a fraction of the actual cost. Our vision as a company is to help patients lead healthier life without having to bear the burden of expensive medications. In line with this objective, we are building our production floors in line with US FDA regulations so we can also offer our services to global clients while instilling confidence in our customers as a quality-driven company. So, the next time you think of securing the services of the top intermediate manufacturers in India, ask for CVR Life Sciences.

Intermediate manufacturers in India

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