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rivaroxaban manufacturers in India

Looking for rivaroxaban manufacturers in India that can work on tight deadlines and still deliver quality drugs? Keep reading then!

Rivaroxaban is a drug used to counter a wide range of health issues pertaining to blood clotting. Blood clots can develop when one is ill for a prolonged period and is immobile as a result. It can also occur after knee or hip replacement surgery. The case of blood clots arises in different ailments for a multitude of reasons; as a result, hospitals are usually stocked with these drugs for any emergency at all times.

CVR Life Sciences is a top rivaroxaban manufacturers in India and also offers a wide variety of APIs for various finished drugs. Established in 2010, our goal is to provide easy access to quality healthcare services while keeping the cost minimal. Our team of highly skilled and driven individuals are driven by a shared goal and not merely on account of their skills or experience. Quality is the backbone of all the effort and time we are investing; hence, we are continuously working on improving our systems and processes while also taking feedback from our stakeholders. Our production floor houses state-of-the-art machinery and tools that enable us to produce top-quality drugs. We are also in the midst of upscaling our manufacturing capabilities so we can secure US FDA compliance certification. This will allow us to secure global markets and improve our brand as a quality-driven company. At CVR Life Sciences, becoming a leading rivaroxaban manufacturers in India is only incidental; our true goal is to bring about a quantum change in the way we work and live and strive for a world that is free from diseases and much healthier than ever.

rivaroxaban manufacturers in India

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