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Of all the highly-rated escitalopram manufacturers in India, one company that needs special mention is CVR Life Sciences. Incorporated in 2010 by a team of visionaries, our goal is not only to make a mark in the industry by delivering world-class drugs but also to provide healthcare solutions that are ahead of their time.

Escitalopram is a drug used to counter depression, various forms of anxiety disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorder by optimising the serotonin levels in the body. This drug comes in different strengths and compositions depending on the case. Doctors advice is a must administering this drug.

With CVR Life Sciences at the helm of things, you are not only assured of healthcare solutions that have proven themselves over time but also gain a partner that will complement your efforts. We understand that trust and goodwill are the currency of any successful business endeavour, and all our efforts are directed at earning this currency. Our team is made of skilled individuals who share the same vision and work tirelessly to meet every requirement. We have taken this effort a notch further by upgrading our production systems to secure the US FDA compliance certification. This will allow us to offer our expertise and insight to clients in the global market while reinforcing our position as a top escitalopram manufacturers along with a host of other life-saving drugs.

As a company committed to improving the quality of life, our stand as a highly sought-after escitalopram manufacturers in India is only incidental; our true goal is to pave the way ahead for the industry as a whole so we can focus on sustainability, quality, and a disease-free world.

escitalopram manufacturers in India

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