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pharma intermediates manufacturer in India

Backed by years of experience in developing world-class drugs along with strong logistical support and customer service, CVR Life Sciences is on the path to being one of the leading pharma intermediates manufacturers in India. With easier access to quality healthcare services, the demand for high-quality drugs has also increased substantially over the recent decades.

Pharmaceutical companies engaged in this line are working 24/7 to ensure they meet all requirements while also maintaining the overall quality of the drugs. Improved production line, skilled staff, and adherence to various quality parameters are imperative to ensure every unit that goes out of its production floor is safe and effective.

Since our inception in 2010, we have made a mark for ourselves in a few short years owing to our continuous effort at delivering quality drugs and service to our customers. Our company is led by the vision of seamlessly combining our capabilities to deliver world-class drugs at scale. We are also building our production floors in line with US FDA regulations so we can expedite our expertise to global clients. This also ensures we gain the confidence of our domestic clients.

At CVR Life Sciences, our goal as a top pharma intermediates manufacturers in India is not only to carve a space for ourselves but also to pave the way ahead for the industry that emphasises sustainability, accountability, and quality drugs.

pharma intermediates manufacturer in India

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