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rivaroxaban API manufacturers in India

Rivaroxaban is a broad-application drug used to prevent the formation of harmful blood clots in the legs, lungs, brain, and heart. Given the fact that blood clotting is a common occurrence in patients suffering from various forms of ailments, there are a number of rivaroxaban API manufacturers in India that produce these drugs for a wide range of medical requirements. Of these companies, CVR Life Sciences has distinguished itself within a few short years of its inception by providing medical institutions with high-efficacy drugs which are safe and cost-effective.

Incorporated in 2010, our company has set its sight on not just carving a space for itself in the market but also being one of the top rivaroxaban API manufacturers in India in addition to a host of other APIs and intermediates to help in countering various life-threatening ailments. Our mantra is simple; innovative means to develop new drugs and improve existing ones, compliance and adherence to all quality norms, and focus on the needs and feedback of the customers. We also plan to strengthen our production capabilities with the aim to secure US FDA compliance. This will not only allow us to serve global markets but also improve our standing as a company that prioritises quality above else. As a leading rivaroxaban API manufacturers in India, our effort is not only at increasing our revenue by capturing the market but also to help bring about a quantum change in the industry that prioritises wellness and sustainability above all.

rivaroxaban API manufacturers in India

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